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TOP Capital Campaign 2016


1738 Winston Dr.
Memphis, TN 38127
Phone: (901) 463-6635
Service Days & Times
Christian Education 9:00 AM
Worship Celebration 10:30 AM
Sunday Night Empowerment TBD
Word On Wednesday 7:00 PM

Intercessory/Lunch with the Lord Prayer @ 12 Noon
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​It's an exciting time for the Temple of Praise Ministries! The Lord has opened the door and we have closed on what we will be calling, OUR NEW HOME. Our 1st service at our new location is set for the first Sunday in December 2016. Listen, I need your help! There are some things that we must get done to better advance the kingdom of God and I'm asking that you would consider sowing into the work. I believe with your efforts we can do great works and continue to spread the love of God throughout our city and nation! All information can be found on the posted flyer. Thank you for helping us get the job done!

The Vision

We truly are a church for all people; a family church meeting family needs. Our mandate is being fulfilled by teaching the reality of the gospel with earnest simplicity, and through this approach we are learning how to apply it to our everyday lives. 

Our church is here to teach God’s Holy Word in an uncompromised fashion so that purposes can be revealed and destinies can be fulfilled. Our vision to create a distinctive and different Memphis faith based church, where people can share and experience a message of holiness, excellence, character, and integrity. As a born-again Memphis faith based ministry that focuses on the spirit, we emphasis building people with an awareness of God to support a life that functions individually, as we live everyday as husbands, wives, children and parents in a manner that glorifies God and impacts this generation.

Our Church wants to reach out to anyone hurting or feeling lost to portray the message of faith. God provides a loving touch to help men, women and young people overcome adversity in life. We aim to minister to the entire person so that he can be a beacon of light to the entire world.

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