About Our Memphis Family Church


1738 Winston Dr.
Memphis, TN 38127
Phone: (901) 463-6635
Service Days & Times
Christian Education 9:00 AM
Worship Celebration 10:30 AM
Sunday Night Empowerment TBD
Word On Wednesday 7:00 PM

Intercessory/Lunch with the Lord Prayer @ 12 Noon

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Email : info@templeofpraiseministry.com
Our church shares a message of hope and love through God’s truth. By sharing this message we can empower our community and people to live a righteous life through his word.  

Are you experiencing a period of loss? Are you looking for direction in a world in need of light? Come to our church and engage with us as we discover the truth and hope, that comes from God and can be embraced for a positive and prosperous life.  

Prior to the starting of the church, God planted the church name to our twenty-one year old Pastor, Johnathan D. Roberson. The idea to form the Temple of Praise Ministries Church was unilaterally taken on the 23rd day of October 2007, under the Leadership of our Overseers, Elder Jerry Love & Evangelist Louise Love. God blessed this Memphis youth ministry to move into our Home building in April 2009 where we came to the obedience of Christ.

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